Orbitng since 1998 Astronauts aboard! Spot it! See ISS
Launching 2023 Launching to land + study Heading to the Moon Moon
April 2023 launch window Launching to orbit + study Destination Jupiter's moons Jupiter
Tue 20 June 2023
Fly-by! Near Mercury Mercury
Thu 05 September 2024
Fly-by! Near Mercury Mercury
Planned October 2024 Launching to impact! or follow up Heading to asteroids Didymos and Dimorphos Asteroids
Mon 02 December 2024
Fly-by! Near Mercury Mercury
Thu 09 January 2025
Fly-by! Near Mercury Mercury
Fri 05 December 2025
Orbit begins Orbiting Mercury Mercury
Planned December 2024 Impact! + follow-ups Asteroids Didymos and Dimorphos Asteroids
2031 Orbit begins Jupiter's moons Ganymede, Callisto and Europa Jupiter