Events in a click

Events in a click


See and know the big events coming up for your interests at any time you like.

Easy interests

Get just the events that interest you.
Avoid the work. Easy click and leave the rest to us.

  • Choose in seconds
  • Whatever floats your boat!
  • Global, international, national
  • Sports, art, culture, entertainment
  • Music, festivals, gaming, eSports, tech
  • Religious calendars, the skies above, …

Your events coming up.
In a click at any time

Time and again, your events whenever you like.
Big events coming up for your interests, all in one place.
We get the dates, you click when you want.

  • Immediate view of the big events for your interests
  • One place from then on, at any time you need
  • New events come up, some change, you take it easy!

Know and enjoy!

Know in advance and enjoy on the day.
Share, engage and get involved. Click, plan and enjoy!

  • Know of your events in advance
  • Set favourites, get reminders, know your plan
  • Share, contact, engage, know your flags and more
  • Joint view in seconds not weeks. Tick, click and enjoy.